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​Moving to Brisbane:
What Do I Need to Know?

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​If it’s time to move you, your family, or your business to Brisbane, congratulations! You’re joining one of the most vibrant communities in the world.

As you navigate your relocation, there’s a lot to consider. Packing, planning your move, hiring a Brisbane removalist, and unpacking are probably just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your massive relocation checklist.

We get it. Moving is stressful. It’s nearly impossible to think of absolutely everything you might need to know to make your move successful!

That’s why we’re providing you with a comprehensive guide that includes everything you need to know about moving to Brisbane -- including the information you might have overlooked along the way!

We not only want to help you safely pack, store, and transport your most prized possessions, we also want to make sure you feel completely at ease and totally excited about your new location!

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about moving to Brisbane.

​The Basics

​Let’s start with some simple facts about your new home.

Brisbane is the capital of Queensland, one of the largest countries in Australia. Brisbane is home to roughly 2.4 million people and, thanks to its proximity to a wide variety of beaches and bays, many of those people enjoy a warm, relaxed, outdoorsy lifestyle.

As the second most northerly city on the Australian mainland, residents of Brisbane enjoy a sub-tropical climate that allows for outdoor activities year round. Tourism plays a huge role in Brisbane’s economy, as it is the third-most popular destination for tourists after Sydney and Melbourne.
Due to an abundance of recreational opportunities, a friendly community spirit, and a vibrant energy and vitality, Brisbane has consistently ranked high on lists of best places to live. In 2019, the Global Liveability Index ranked Brisbane 18th among most livable cities.
Overall, a life in Brisbane is a good one.

​A Little Bit of History

​Brisbane was named after a former New South Wales governor who was also an astronomer. Sir Thomas Brisbane was known for building Australia’s first astronomical observatory and is also remembered for charting the Southern Hemisphere’s stars. Today, you can visit The Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium in his honor.
In addition to Brisbane’s place among astronomical history is its place among the history of World War II, where Brisbane played an important role following the attack on Pearl Harbour in 1941. Ships heading toward Pearl Harbour were diverted to Brisbane, which was out of range of Japanese bombers. During this time, Brisbane hosted over 75,000 American troops, boasted plenty of wharves to dock ships, and was home to an array of excellent ship-building and repair facilities.
So, while you’re enjoying the warm climate amid this bustling metropolis, you’ll also be walking down historic streets and taking in historic sights. Of course Brisbane’s expansive legacy goes beyond a few fun historical facts, but these facts serve as a great reminder that to live in Brisbane is to live among history.

​The Climate

​Those who love the sun move to Brisbane. The subtropical climate allows for warm or hot weather for most of the year.

Overall, Brisbane enjoys mild, dry winters and hot, rainy summers. The hot and humid summers span November to March, but can be tempered by sea breezes. During these months, rain and storms are abundant, due to the city’s close proximity to the sea.

While the city experiences high rainfall during the summer months, the rest of the year is marked by a relatively mild climate, with temperatures ranging from 15 - 29 degrees celsius all year round. Winter is typically very mild, with an average temperature of 20 degrees celsius. Winter in Brisbane is sunny and precipitation is rare!

While you might get tired of the summer rain, the sunshine throughout the remaining months makes Brisbane the ultimate destination for enjoying the outdoors at any time of year. In Brisbane, there’s no chance of a long, cold winter dragging you down -- sun and spirits are high all year round!

​The Culture

​Brisbane offers a little bit of everything for every kind of lifestyle. You’ll have access not only to life in the CBD, but to the wealth of events, cultural activities, and attractions in the city’s many suburbs.
All in all, the Greater Brisbane Area consists of about 450 different suburbs. Each has their own unique pros and cons depending on your specific needs and personal preferences.

South Bank, for example, is a cultural, educational, and recreational precinct in Brisbane located on the southern bank of the Brisbane River. This area offers 17 hectares of parklands, areas to walk along the river, year round events, and a wide variety of bars and restaurants. Tourist attractions, museums, and outdoor recreational areas are all abundant in this area, providing activities for people of all ages looking for either indoor or outdoor activities.

If you’re looking for a quieter scene, you might visit Paddington, one of Brisbane’s oldest inner city suburbs. Large classic homes, tree-lined streets, numerous boutiques, and endless restaurant and cafe options make this area a vibrant location for young couples.

Whether you’re looking for watersports, food festivals, farmers markets, art, music, or peaceful walks along the river, Brisbane’s diverse and sprawling cultural scene offers something for everyone -- all you have to do is find the area that fits exactly what you’re looking for! Whatever you’re looking for, Brisbane has it.

If you haven’t already chosen your Brisbane suburb, you might consider factors like:

⦁    Where you will be working / where your new office is located
⦁    If applicable, where your spouse or partner will be working
⦁    What kind of transportation you’ll need or depend on
⦁    Schools in the area
⦁    Entertainment preferences and lifestyle


​Like many cities, Brisbane has a variety of transportation options to choose from including, buses, trains,  and green cabs. Public transportation is available with a Go-Card via TransLink, but much of the city is set up for walks or strolls along easy paths and walkways. Largely in part to the mild year round weather, walking and biking are both popular modes of transportation in Brisbane. The city accommodates this popularity with well-maintained and safe pedestrian walkways and paths, especially in the concentrated city center.

Since roadways can get congested and parking can be difficult, public transportation is a great way to cut down on traffic and costs. However, not all areas of Brisbane are covered by railways.

In areas where the trains don’t run, buses, taxis, and even ferries are available and can be quite cost effective. Overall, Brisbane offers a wide variety of transportation options so that you’re covered no matter your budget and no matter where you choose to go.

Additionally, as a major city, Brisbane offers easy access to an airport just a 20 minute drive from the CBD.

​Cost of Living

​Living in Brisbane is significantly cheaper than living in Melbourne or Sydney. Keep in mind that Brisbane is a growing city and, like anywhere, cost of living can fluctuate. Overall, however, Brisbane offers an affordable alternative to other major cities in Australia.

The median house price in Brisbane is almost half of that in Sydney, offering more space for a lower cost. Whether you’re looking to invest in property, purchase an idyllic family home, or find your perfect apartment in the city center, Brisbane offers an option for any budget.

Additionally, the job market in Brisbane is quickly growing and it has far surpassed Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth as Australia’s fastest-growing city for employment. The job market is growing at more than twice the rate of population growth, accounting for 47% of Queensland’s total jobs growth.

Those who move to Brisbane find not only a vibrant, laid back lifestyle, but a city where they can live, work, and play comfortably and affordably.

​The Pros and Cons

​We’ve given you a LOT of information to consider, but we hope we’ve made one thing clear: Brisbane is an incredible place to live. While the choice to move is up to you, we’re here to help you make your decision AND make your move.

To make it easy, we’re breaking down everything we’ve talked about here into some simple pros and cons for your consideration.

1) Weather
Mild to warm weather year round, with a rainy, hot, and humid summer season.

Pros: You’ll never be cold and can participate in outdoor activities all year long
Cons: You might get a little sweaty (and a little wet) in the summer.

2) Culture
Tons of areas to choose from, each with their own unique offerings. Brisbane offers a bustling CBD combined with vibrant and culturally diverse suburbs.

Pros: You’ll never be bored or without your choice of activity. Offers a solid blend of city life combined with outdoor recreation.
Cons: For those who might be overwhelmed by choice, there might be too much to choose from! Alternatively, city life just might not be for everyone.

3) Transportation
While Brisbane can have busy roadways and expensive parking, it also provides limitless options for public transportation, including buses, trains, and even ferries. Affordable options exist for even the busiest commuter.

Pros: Wide variety of options, affordable public transportation.
Cons: If you're committed to your car, driving and parking in the city might be a hassle.

4) Cost of Living
Brisbane is a quickly growing city that boasts thriving employment opportunities and an affordable housing market.

Pros: Now is a great time to invest while costs are low. Plenty of opportunity and affordable housing options.
Cons: The city’s quick growth could make prices rise in the future.

​Ready to Move to Brisbane?

​You have all the information you need. Now… it’s time to move to Brisbane!

For all your moving needs, BrisVegas Removals offers experienced, insured, and competitively priced service. With more than ten years experience in moving and storage services, we’ll ensure you have your smoothest move to date.

We’ll see you in Brisbane!

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